Top Things to do in Ajmer

The land filled with religious, historic and architectural attractions Ajmer allows every traveler to do various interesting things during the vacation in the ancient city. There are various beautiful sites, temples and many other places around the city that are to be seen.

One must not forget shopping at Dargah Ajmer Sharif in the Dargah Bazaar as one can get many handicrafts, artworks, apparels and many more traditional clothes both for men and women.

Apart from these, one can even buy many handmade goods around the city Ajmer particularly in the Dargah Bazaar along with a few wonderful artifacts.

Being part of the annual Urs of Moinuddin Chisti will be a great experience to every individual.

Tasting the wonderful delicacies along with Rajasthani special dishes in the city Ajmer will surely be a fascinating experience as food is served with a royal reception in the imperial city.

Visiting the wonderful forts and castles around the city will be a marvelous experience as many empires and brave dynasties ruled the land Ajmer. Along with all these wonderful activities one must also take part in boating and can even enjoy seeing the Buland Darwaza, St. Mary’s Graveyard and many more gardens and attractions.

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