How To Reach Alwar

In order to see all the exclusive constructions and enjoy various other attractions around the city, Alwar one must first plan a vacation and reach the city. Travelling to the city is not a very tough task as it is well connected to various cities one can easily gain access to Alwar.

By Air

People interested in reaching the city by flying can travel to Jaipur or Delhi and can reach Alwar by taking a taxi. The distance between Delhi to Alwar is 158 km. and Jaipur to Alwar is 150 km.

By Train

Travelling by train is an easy way to reach Alwar as the railways are offering regular trains that connects Alwar with several other cities. Being the well established network one can easily travel from all corners of the country India and reach Alwar. Jammu Ali Express, Shatabdi, Ashram Express, Malani Express, Rajkot Express are some of the express trains that connect various cities with Alwar.

By Road

There is a highway connecting Alwar to many major destinations like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and many other cities in the surrounding areas. Both government and private sectors are offering daily buses in which one can easily reach Alwar and explore the wonders around the city. People can reach the small but pretty region Alwar in a hassle free manner and enjoy exploring the attractive locations of the region.

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