Shopping in Alwar

Shopping in the amazing destination Alwar will be a fabulous experience as one can buy various kinds of goods in the market streets. One can get all traditional Rajasthani items including the Pottery, Paintings, Terracotta Statues, Carpets, Jootis, Accessories like bangles, jewelry and many more.

Embroidered Handbags, Traditional Rajasthani Apparels, Cloth Bags, Textiles, and many more are available in the bazaars of the city. Along with all these the jewelry made using sparkling stones and many more gems are available around the city and are worthy of buying in Alwar. Rich handicrafts and the traditional Rajasthani decorative items can be picked from various famous markets of the city Alwar.

Handmade goods and handicrafts are much special in this city along with the silver jewelry and many other items. One can get the famous Kagzi (wafer-thin) which is actually originated here. One can get many goods on the streets of the Bajaj Bazaar, Mala Khera Bazaar, Kedalganji Bazaar, Sarraf Bazaar and a few more places.

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