Things to do in Alwar

Apart from the mesmerizing attractions the city Alwar there are several impressive things to do during a holiday in the city that showcases the culture and heritage of Rajasthan. One must not miss sightseeing in the majestic city as there are several wonderful locations that are worth of visiting.

Witnessing the magnificent constructions is a part of the trip to the city Alwar in which one can explore the historic city completely. Along with this, one must not miss seeing the picturesque locations in the Sariska National Reserve along with other lakes around the region.

Shopping is actually fun in the city and people who love to have an impressive collection can bag a lot such goods. The Traditional Rajasthani Artworks, Painting, Decorative Items and many more are worth of buying in the beautiful city.

Being part of the most colorful festivals in the city will be a great fun as the city turns to be much more vibrant and attractive. Alwar Utsav and the Kite Festival are the two impressive festivals during which the city will appear to be much more bustling.

One can enjoy seeing the vast collection of precious things in Alwar Museum and no traveler must miss tasting the special milk cake Kalakand. Also visiting the places like Bhartrihari Temple, Garbhaji Falls, Cenotaph of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh, and Jai Pol Fort will fill merriment in the hearts of every traveler during their holiday in the most alluring destination Alwar.

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