What and Where to Eat in Alwar

Alwar’s cuisine is very close to desserts. The culture give more importance in preparing food and thus, you can find many hard-to-make dishes here. Apart from unique desserts, this cuisine also has an iconic rich palate. According to history, mythology and current lifestyle, people of Alwar focused on cattle breeding. Thus, milk is an important ingredient in this cuisine. You can find a lot of milk based delicacies here.

The cuisine is not very spicy and you can find ghee tempered dishes a lot here. The milk products used in this cuisine are very fresh due to sufficient sources. This freshness makes the dishes more delicate and tasty. There are numerous restaurants and shops to dine in and around Alwar. Make sure to choose authentic ones to enjoy the real taste of Alwar. Some luxury restaurants have recreated the royal dishes that were popular in the king’s kitchen during olden days.

Famous Foods of Alwar

  • Mirchi Vada
  • Gatte ki Sabzi
  • Chicken Masala
  • Kachori

Top Desserts to Taste In Alwar

  • Doodh Laddoo
  • Jhajhariya
  • Milk Cake or Kalakand
  • Sohan Halwa
  • Patisa
  • Mawa Sweets
  • Moti Chur Laddu
  • Kaju Barfi

Best Places to Eat in Alwar

  • Angeethi

    This is a budget restaurant that services Indian cuisine. The menu is limited and ambience is humble. However, the quality and taste of the food makes its worthy to visit. It is located in Manu Marg

    Dawat Restaurant

    This is an indoor/outdoor dining area in Manu road. You can dine either amidst a lush garden or inside. The menu is long and it adds dishes from various destinations including oriental and continental.

    Inderlok Restaurant

    If you want to enjoy tasty seasonal vegetables with rotis and chutneys, this is the best place in Bagh road. The restaurant serves North Indian dishes.

    Prem Pavitra Bhojnalaya

    This is a traditional restaurant to take authentic dishes of Alwar. A pure vegetarian restaurant focuses on providing high quality food.

    Babu Thakur Das and Sons

    This restaurant is famous for sweets. You can find all local delicacies made with fresh ingredients. Top dishes to try are milk cake, sohan halwa and others. Ask the waiter about the shelf life before you decide on taking a few as souvenirs. The milk delicacies have very low shelf life.

    Sariska Palace Hotel

    The multi-cuisine restaurant inside Sariska palace is famous for its food, fresh ingredients and selective spices. A bar nearby serves international brands and local brands.

    Raj Mahal

    This is a heritage hotel inside Neemrana fort palace. It is famous for a luxurious breakfast. The ambience is cool and has high quality service.


    This luxury restaurant is located inside Dadhikar fort. If you want to enjoy authentic Alwar cuisine, this is a quality restaurant. The view from the restaurant is breath taking and the food is mouth-watery. You can also enjoy live folk dance performance or music performance here in the evening.

    Burja Haveli Restaurant

    This restaurant is famous for Buffet, which includes Rajwada delicacies and authentic Rajasthani dishes. The ambience of the restaurant is pleasing too.

    Best Restaurants in Alwar

    Hill Fort Kesroli – The restaurant in this fort is famous for bonfire dinner and barbeque buffet. Apart from these, you can enjoy multi-cuisine dishes here.

    Apart from these, you can enjoy multi-cuisine dishes here.

    Top Destinations for Street Food in Alwar

    • Kashiram Circle - Chaat Items and Delicacies
    • Ashok Circle - Ice Creams, Coffee, Lassi and Kulfis
    • Church Road, Kalakand Market, Tijara Phatak And Jai Complex - Delicacies and Sweets

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