Bharatpur Tours, Rajasthan

Another majestic city in the princely state Rajasthan reveals many imperial stories along with huge constructions like forts and palaces. Along with the architectural marvels and other splendid attractions the spectacular location even amazes people with its natural beauty.

Mostly known to be the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan the region Bharatpur is a beautiful city that is filled with amazing attractions and reflects the great history of Rajasthan. Though the constructions around the city are hundred years old the style of construction and the carvings on the walls of the forts, castles make them very special. The city is nearby to Agra and the National Park in the city is a UNESCO heritage site. The Bird Sanctuary is a special attraction of the city where several are and regular species of birds are seen in.

Founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in the year 1733 AD this city reveals the imperial lifestyle and royalty of the Jat rulers. Suraj Mal built a strong fort in the city known to be the Loha Garh. The solid construction with iron stands as a special attraction of the city and the invisibility of the palace is its strength.

The art and architecture of the marvelous constructions reflect the Mughal and Rajput style of construction with intricate designs and patterns. The charm and glory of the city is much more unique and the Rajasthani traditions make the city a very special destination of the desert state.

As if all other Rajasthani cities the city, Bharatpur is very glamorous and the region rich with historic sites. History lovers and art lover scan send a very great holiday in Bharatpur as the princely state offer many wonderful sites and historical remnants.

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