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Best Time to Visit Bharatpur

The best season to visit the beautiful location Bharatpur is during the winter season. The whole locality turns to be pleasant and mesmerizing in between the period of October and March. One can enjoy sightseeing and all other marvelous construction around the region. Exploring the national park will be an impressive activity in this season as the days are much more pleasant.

Coming to summers the days are very sunny and a person who visits the city may experience unbearable heat. Starting from March till June the day is extremely hot and one cannot enjoy exploring the city and its wonders.

Stepping in this majestic land in the monsoon season will allow one to see the beautiful natural attractions. The whole region of the Bird Sanctuary in the rainy season is much opulent and is apt to see along with all the huge constructions, forts.

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Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur

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