Shopping in Bharatpur

Bharatpur lies in the eastern regions of Rajasthan close to its capital city of Jaipur. It is close to cities like Delhi, Agra, and other north Indian cities. Bharatpur is visited by many tourists every year to see the famous wildlife and bird sanctuary nearby called Keoladeo National Park and also to see the famous forts, palaces, and temples in the city of Bharatpur. Tourists love to visit famous landmarks but also love to shop for local items whenever they visit any new tourist destinations.

Bharatpur offers a unique shopping experience for the tourists and there are many exotic souvenirs, and items that can be purchased in the markets of Bharatpur. Bharatpur offers an exciting shopping spree experience to the tourists visiting this region. The following are some of the shopping items that are worth buying while shopping in Bharatpur.

Things to Shop in Bharatpur

Decor Items

Small decorative showpieces are a perfect souvenir and can be added to the overall décor of the house back home. Showpieces made of marble carvings, carved decorative options, and items made of brass work that depict the Indian culture are very popular with the tourists.


Decorative items that can be used in home decor also include handicrafts and textile wall hangings and other such vibrant decorative options. Rajasthani culture is very vibrant and there is a lot of use of colors in such decorative textile items which can really bring a pop of color to the home decor.


Bandhej materials of these regions are very popular with tourists. Textiles and garments in these areas are distinctly defined by their vibrant colors. Shopping for clothes in Bharatpur is a truly great experience and people can buy all sorts of colorful and ethnic clothing on a shopping spree while visiting Bharatpur. Buying fabrics in this region and then designing clothes is a great choice.


Bharatpur markets are also known for great intricate and traditional jewelry. Kundan jewelry and jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones are very popular in Bharatpur. Tourists can buy jewelry made of traditional patterns and unique designs to this region and add a different style of jewelry to their collection.

There are many markets in Bharatpur that sell clothes, shoes, antiques, local souvenirs, jewelry and all sorts of different merchandise for tourists to buy. The shops are especially packed with merchandise in the tourist season between October and March where a large number of tourists visit this area.

When tourists travel to a new and exotic place like Bharatpur, it is ideal to spend some time in one place. Tourists should allocate time for shopping and exploring the markets of this region. A hurried trip to the markets is not a good idea for tourists.

Leisurely exploring the markets of Bharatpur will help tourists find great merchandise at good rates and also will make the experience a true delight for the tourists visiting these regions. Visiting Bharatpur is not complete without a shopping spree which includes the main markets of the city to buy the wonderful and exotic merchandise which is on offer in Bharatpur.

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