Things to do in Bharatpur

Bharatpur is a great tourist destination in the northern regions of India. The city is located in the eastern parts of the region and is called the eastern gateway to Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of the royals and there are many historic royal palaces in every major town and city in the region.

Bharatpur is primarily known for the wildlife and bird sanctuary nearby called the Keoladeo National Park. This is a great choice for tourists who want to experience the culture of Bharatpur and also want to see the wildlife of the region in a safari-style tour of the Keoladeo National Park. This destination is a truly complete package when it comes to including an adventure and visiting a cultural city in northern India.

The following are some of the things to do in and around Bharatpur for tourists visiting this area:

1. Visiting the Keoladeo National Park

The main draw for many tourists is to visit the Keoladeo National Park. There are many wildlife animals that are local to this region in this sanctuary. The national park is also mainly known for the wide variety of different types of species of birds available in the Keoladeo National Park. The best time to visit this sanctuary is in the winter when many migratory birds from Russia, China, Afghanistan and other countries in the north migrate to this park to spend their winter months.

This is a great choice for tourists who like wildlife photography as there many species of birds and wild animals to capture in the perfect photo of this wildlife sanctuary. A boat ride on the lake in the sanctuary is also a delightful experience.

2. Museums

There are great museums in Bharatpur that offer tourists a real idea about the culture and history of this region so visiting these museums is a great choice. There are many heritage hotels in the city which are old palaces converted into hotels. Staying in such hotels really gives a sense of the royal heritage of the region.

3. Historical Places

There are many palaces, historical landmarks, forts and temples in Bharatpur. Visiting these tourist attractions is a great way to see the cultural past and architecture of the region.

4. Celebrating Festivals

Rajasthan has so many colorful festivals to enjoy. There are many fairs and festivals in Bharatpur like the Brij Mahotsav, and Gangaur which tourists will truly enjoy while visiting Bharatpur to understand the vibrant culture of Bharatpur.

5. Shopping

May be Bharatpur is not the good option for shopaholics but shopping in Bharatpur for vibrant clothes, textiles, jewelry, carved showpieces and a range of different ethnic items is a must do while visiting Bharatpur.

6. Cuisine

Rajasthan is popular for its cuisines and delicious thali. Also, the cuisine of Bharatpur is delicious and trying out the local cuisine especially the Rajasthani Thali is an ideal way to sample this cuisine. One can enjoy all kind of tastes here. There are so many famous restaurants and local dhabas too.

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