Top Tourist Attractions in Bikaner

Are you looking for lavishing culture, traditional lifestyle and heritage wealth? Bikaner is one of the best places to visit n Rajasthan. Developed in late 15th century, this region had rich civilization during ancient times. This is the reason to why you can find many forts, temples, palaces and other architectural marvels here. Here are the top tourist attractions to Visit in Bikaner:

1. Junagarh Fort

Importance: Architecture, Photography, History

This fort was built in 16th century and it was one of the most difficult fort to penetrate. The moat around the fort was used for breeding crocodiles to avoid trespassers. The architecture of the fort is famous for a unique blend of Rajput, Mughal and Gujarati style. Top places to visit inside the fort are the courtyard, Hawa Mahal, Ganga Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Anup Mahal, Diwan-e-khas, Dungar Mahal and others.

2. Lalgarh Palace

Importance: Architecture Photography, History, Museum

This is a red sandstone palace built in 20th century by Maharaja Ganga Singh. The building is famous for its architectural beauty that resembles the style of European architecture mixed with Mughal and Rajput style. This unique style is rare to spot elsewhere in India. The garden around the palace is famous for spotting peacock. If lucky, you can spot a few dancing birds here. The palace has numerous luxury elements inside the building. There is a small but interesting museum inside the palace. Only the museum, hotel and a few regions of the palace are open to tourists. Tourists can choose to visit and stay in the palace for a luxury vacation.

3. National Research Center

Importance: Camel, Education, Photography

This is a research institute for camels. This region is dedicated for breeding and researching camels. You can spot more than 400 camels in this region of different breeds. Bikaner is famous for the camel population and this is the best place to spot them at the best habitat.

4. Ganga Singh Museum

Importance: Architecture, Culture, Museum, Photography

This museum is famous for its collection of ancient painting, pottery, weapons and others. Situated inside Lalgarh palace, this museum holds artifacts of Harappa civilization. You can also find an array of weapons from ancient weapons to the ones used during British rule. You can find collection of coins, manuscripts, sculptures, artworks and others. You can also find artwork made on a golden leaf.

5. Sadul Singh Museum

Importance: Culture, History And Architecture

This is another museum located in Lalgarh palace. You can find the artifacts and belongings of the royal family in this museum. Starting from Georgian paintings to weapons, you can find numerous artifacts of the royal family of Bikaner. Most of the artifacts belong to Sadul Singh, Ganga Singh and Karni Singh.

6. Bhandsar Jain Temple

Importance: Pilgrimage, Architecture, Photography And History

Built in 16th century, this temple is famous for intricate sculptures, designs, gold leaf work and others. Apart from the architectural factor, this temple is famous for intricate mirror work of ancient times. Leather articles, meat, alcohol and cigarette are not allowed inside the temple. After visiting the temple, choose to explore the markets close to the temple. You can find many authentic Rajasthani items.

7. Gajner Palace

Importance: Architecture, Photography, History, Water Activities

This palace is located a little away from Bikaner. Today, this magnificent royal residence has been transformed into heritage hotel. Located along the banks of Lake Gajner, this palace is famous for designed balconies, terrace works, interior décor and others. Enjoy nature walk along the sides of the palace or enjoy boating on the lake

8. Karni Mata Temple

Importance: Architecture, Rats, Pilgrimage, Photography

This is the temple of rats. This is a large residence, which is dedicated to Karni Mata. According to legends, when Karni Mata’s son died, she requested God to restore her son’s life. When the God of death refused, she pleaded to Goddess Durga who granted the wish with a downfall that all her family members would be reincarnated as rates. Today, more than 20,000 rats live in this temple.

9. Royal Cenotaph

Importance: Architecture, Beauty, Photography

8 km away from Bikaner, this is a cremation ground dedicated to the royal family of Bikaner. Today, you can find beautiful cenotaphs of architectural importance here. Designed with red sandstones and marbles, these structures are mostly built during 17th century. You can find many carvings and intricate works in this region.

10. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Importance: Safari, Birdwatching, Photography, Natural Beauty

A little away from Bikaner, this wildlife sanctuary is the home for adventure lovers. You can enjoy jeep safari to spot black buck, nilgai, wild boar and sandgrouse. This is the best place for birdwatching too.

11. Koti Gate

Importance: Architectural Beauty, Garden, Market, Street Food And Photography

This gate separates the Bikaner city from the ancient city of Bikaner. The gate by itself is an architectural marvel. You can spot beautiful carvings and other structures on the gate. On one end of the gate, you can find havelis fit for a royal sightseeing. On the other side, you can find colorful markets for sightseeing and shopping. This is the best place to enjoy souvenir shopping and street foods of Bikaner. You ought to try tea made with camel milk.

Other top attractions of Bikaner are Shiv Bari temple, Kodamdeshwar temple, Prachina museum, Old city of Bikaner, Abhivyakti and others. Choose to visit during winter to enjoy a lush vacation in Bikaner. The water bodies will be filled with water and the region will be fresh and mildly cool, suiting sightseeing.

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