Best Time to Visit Bikaner

The enthralling region of Bikaner is famous for its historic monuments, wonderful palaces, ancient temples and much more. Due to its geographical location, the place has extreme climate. But visiting the imperial city throughout the year will be a fascinating experience and by taking some good care one can see the oasis of desert even in summer happily. If you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation, you need to choose the right time to visit Bikaner.

Best Season to Visit Bikaner

In Summer (April - July)

Summer starts in April and ends in July. The temperature is very hot and humid during summer. Moreover, dust storms and hot winds are quite common. Evenings could be mildly hot, but humidity prevails throughout the day.

Average Maximum Temperature – 46 Degree C

Average Minimum Temperature – 28 Degree C

If you are choosing to visit in summer, you ought to be prepared for dehydration and sunstrokes. Wear thin cotton clothing, have head cover, wear sunscreen lotion and most importantly, avoid going out in afternoon.

Early summer could be pleasing. If you wish to enjoy summers of Bikaner in the most comfortable way possible, you could choose luxury trains. Bikaner is covered by Indian Splendour itinerary of Maharajas' Express Train .

In Monsoon (August - September)

Monsoon starts in August and ends in September - October. Bikaner is a hot region in a desert state. Thus, monsoon does no major difference to the characteristic of the land. The land will be still hot and humid. Right during the showers, the temperature will be pleasing but humidity will be very high.

Average Maximum Temperature – 36 Degree C

Average Minimum Temperature – 25 Degree C

Although not the best time to visit Bikaner, you can find a few tourists, who visit for photography. The place will be fresh and green with the showers and considered to be one of the beautiful times for clicking pictures.

In Winter

Winter is a new phase for Bikaner. However, the season could be very harsh, at times. In general, the temperature and ambience will be pleasing and beautiful. This is the most commonly sought time for vacation.

Average Maximum Temperature – 23 Degree C

Average Minimum Temperature – 4 Degree C

Nights are quite cold. Thus, pack thin jackets to keep you warm. Afternoons could still be hot but, mostly bearable and pleasing for sightseeing and other activities.

Best Time to Visit :October to March is the best time to visit Bharatpur.

Budget Season to Visit Bharatpur

In Summer

The city will be practically empty during summer. Thus, the demand for services and accommodations will be rock bottom. You can easily find deals and better packages at lower cost. If you are planning to cover India in a small budget, summer is the right time to visit Bikaner.

In Monsoon

When it comes to air tickets and accommodation, it would be easier to get better services at low cost. However, transportation within the city will be costlier as everyone would opt for a taxi or other road transportation during monsoon.

In Winter

This is the peak tourism season. Everything will be priced high. In addition, the demand will be sky-high. If you are planning to visit during winter, make sure to pre-book all your amenities at least a few months in prior to your departure date.

Cultural Activities

When it comes to enjoying cultural activities, it is best to choose the season with as many festivals as possible. The winter is the right time to visit for enjoying exclusive festivals. Top festivals to enjoy in winter are

  • Camel Festival - January
  • Karni Mata Fair - September or October
  • Kapil Muni Fair - November
  • Gangaur Festival - March

For enjoying as many cultural activities as possible for a colorful vacation, visit Bikaner between September and March.

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