Shopping in Bikaner

When you think of the historic city of Bikaner, all you would remember is dunes, temples, forts and camels. However, a genuine shopaholic would remember the chaotic streets of colorful markets filled with souvenirs. What to buy in Bikaner and where can you find those souvenirs?

Things To Buy In Bikaner

1. Kundan Jewelry

You can find both artificial and original jewelries in Bikaner. Out of all the types, the traditional Kunda styled jewelry is the best to buy and is exclusively manufactured by artisans in Bikaner. These designs are made with 24-carat gold and decorated with semi-precious stones. This is one of the most expensive souvenirs you can find in Bikaner. Starting from small ring to large fancy necklace, you can find numerous types of accessories of Kundan jewelry.

Where to Buy – Mahatma Gandhi Market

2. Textile

You can find ethnic dresses like saree, lehenga, turbans and others. The dresses are decently embroidered and are lightweight. These dresses are decorated with stones to glitter in light. Thus, best worn for evening parties.

Where to Buy – Khajanchi Market

3. Camel Leather Articles

Rajasthan is famous for leather articles. However, only a few destinations of Rajasthan sells articles made with camel leather. Bikaner is one such destination. Starting from purses to shoes, you can find numerous accessories and handicraft items made with camel leather. The shoes made with camel leather are embroidered with vibrant designs to add more beauty to the article.

4. Quilt

Quilt made from Nokha, a small village closer to Bikaner is called Nokharazai. It is very famous for tie and dye design, lightweight and high quality. It is one of the most important cultural souvenirs to find in Bikaner.

Where to Buy – Kote Gate Market

5. Bhujjia

Bhujjia is a type of snack, which is very famous in Bikaner and surrounding regions. These are thin strip of chips made from lentils, which are locally grown on the desert sand. This snack has long shelf life and a unique flavor, thanks to the spices of the land.

Where to Buy – All The Markets

6. Churan

Churan is a type of sour sweet, which helps in digestion. You can find these sweets in varying flavors like lemon, ginger, pomegranate, garlic, mango and others. These sweets have very high shelf life and good for health, without any side effects.

Where to Buy – All The Markets

7. Lac Bangles

This is not an exclusive souvenir of Bikaner. This can be easily found in many cities of Rajasthan. These bangles are made by resin secreted by lac insects. These colorful bangles are the best cheap souvenirs to buy from Bikaner.

Where to Buy – Mahatma Gandhi Road Market

8. Painting

Rajasthan miniature painting is very famous among art lovers. You can find paintings of Hindu mythology scenes and portraits of rulers. Starting from scroll painting to gold painting on wood, you can find numerous types of paintings.

Where to Buy – Kote Gate Market

9. Handicraft Items

Apart from camel hair and camel skin articles, you can find numerous handicraft items made with marbles, sandstones and metals. Starting from large figurines to designer pillbox, you can find numerus types of household decoration and accessories.

Where to Buy – Mahatma Gandhi Market

10. Painted Pottery

The pottery of this land is made from quartz, raw glaze and clay. The blue color of the pottery is created by using oxides of copper and cobalt. Starting from utensils to tiles, you can find numerous pottery items. It is a very fragile article. Thus, you need to pack it very carefully for your travel.

Where to Buy – Station Road Market

Famous Markets of Bikaner

1. Kote Gate Street Market

This is the iconic market of the land, getting its name from the Kote Gate. This market is famous for camel skin articles, accessories, miniature paintings, wood articles, metal objects and most importantly, the textiles of the land.

p>Visitng Timing – 9 Am To 9 Pm

2. Station Road Market

This is also a famous market of the land. This market holds handicrafts, delicacies, paintings and leather articles. You can find leather furniture and larger wooden articles. If you are visiting this market for a luxury souvenir, the best one to buy is the wood painting made with 24-carat gold paint. You can also get customized sandals by ordering 24 hours in prior. You can also find authentic shops selling delicacies made with camel milk. The shelf life of these delicacies are very short. Thus, they are not recommended to be taken to your homeland. However, do not forget to taste them.

Visitng Timing – 11 Am To 5 Pm

3. Mahatma Gandhi Road

This market is found closer to the Kote Gate market. Although smaller and less famous than Kote Gate market, this market is the best place for some heritage shopping, antiques and ethnic items. This is the best place to buy Kundan Jewelry from authentic sellers.

Visitng Timing – 10 Am To 5 Pm

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