Things to do in Bikaner

This historic and heritage land of Bikaner is a paradise for sightseeing. However, it is not the only activity of the land, even hosts a number of attractive sites and interesting locations that are opulent revealing a great civilization. Over and beyond the magical time of sightseeing the essence of Rajasthan culture, there are numerous activities to enjoy in Bikaner. Here are the list:

1. Enjoy Festivals

The best way to enjoy and explore the culture of the land is to experience the celebration. India is a land that celebrates every event and every element of their lifestyle. The best celebration of all is the camel festival, which takes place in January of every month. You get to experience a lot of camel based activities, hunt for souvenirs, watch local games and much more. Apart from this, there are numerous festivals throughout the year.

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2. Wildlife Safari

Gajner wildlife sanctuary is one of the incredible destinations in the land. If you are a wildlife photographer or a nature-lover, you ought to enjoy a jeep ride through the sanctuary lands to spot animals and colorful birds. The safari closes by 5 in the evening. Thus, plan accordingly.

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3. Museums

Witnessing the vast collection at the Prachina Museum, Sadul Museum, and Ganga Singh Museum will surely be a wonderful experience as the articles displayed in the museum reflects the great history of many dynasties.

4. Camel Breeding Farm

Paying a visit to the Camel breeding Farm in Bikaner is also an interesting thing to do during the vacation in the historic city. Spending a day by enjoying camel ride and watching camel calves will be a unique experience which one must not miss.

5. Spot the Albino Rat

The Karni Mata temple of Bikaner is an important pilgrimage site and a weird one. The people of Bikaner pray to thousands of rats in this temple. They feed them and even erect statues of rat in the temple. Among tens of thousands rats in the temple, there are a few albino rats. It is said that spotting an albino rat is like a trump card to get want you desire. Go find that white rat and get your wish granted.

6. Stay at a Heritage Hotel

Bikaner is a land of incredible history. Thanks to this heritage, you can find numerous palaces, hunting lodges and forts turned into museum and heritage hotels. If you wish to spend a day as a royal heir, it is important to spend your night at the heritage hotels with historic suites, which were used by the royal families in the past.

7. Camel Safari

When you are in Bikaner, you are very close to Thar Desert. Thus, you should take a camel safari to the desert to experience the masterpiece of desert nature. If you are not cut out for an adrenaline-gushing camel safari, you can also choose to hire jeep or 4WD vehicles to venture the desert.

8. Desert Adventure Activities

While visiting desert, do not just do it for sightseeing. Desert is nothing but large vast land of sand and adventure. You can find numerous service providers who operate adventure activities like quad bike ride, para gliding, camping and much more. There are even luxury camps with cultural activities, barbeque dinner and much more. On the contrary, you can choose to stay in simple tents, explore the land for survival adrenaline gush.

9. Shopping

Starting from delicacies and articles made from camel products to precious miniature painting of Rajasthan, the markets of Bikaner is filled with cultural and modern gift and souvenir items. You can find intricate art works, handicraft items and numerous cultural souvenirs to take a part of Bikaner back to your hometown. Shopping is an important activity in Bikaner.

10. Delicious Desert Cuisine

Bikaner is a desert region rich with spices and dal crops. Thus, you can find numerous spicy flavor-filled meat dishes here. Bikaner culture has more inclination towards desserts too. If you wish to try a taste of numerous Bikaner dishes, try the local Rajasthani thali of the land. Try to taste the cuisine of authentic Bikaner soil by visiting traditional restaurants rather than luxurious multi-cuisine international signature brand hotels.

Tasting the Bikaner Bhujia, Kachori and Chicken Bikaner is one must not miss task during the trip to the city Bikaner as the marvelous constructions in the city offers a great feast to the heart of an art lover and even fills the tummy with yummy delicacies.

11. Bhandasar Temple

Bhandasar temple is an important pilgrimage site for Jains in Bikaner. Beyond the architectural beauty and the collection of paintings and carvings of the temple, the best part of the temple is in the third floor. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and watch it stretch to desert in the west.

12. Auto Rikshaw Ride

Finding a luxury car or a private AC car in Bikaner is not very hard. Even hotels provide around-the-clock cab services. However, if you wish to enjoy the culture and lifestyle of the land, you ought to take an auto-rickshaw ride through the labyrinth of winding streets, covering numerous architectural beauties, street-food vendor shops, markets and much more.

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Apart from these activities, you ought to visit the museums of the land for a fascinating vacation. Also, visit emporiums that are conducted by the artisans of the land to watch them work their masterpieces and buy a few. Each monument of the land has its own history and link with nature. You can create a classic vacation out of the history and natural wealth of Bikaner.

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