What and Where to Eat in Bikaner

The cuisine of Bikaner is famous for wholesome dishes like Khasta, Gatte Ki Sabji, Mangodi and others. Since Bikaner is a dry place, you can find many dry foods here. Butter milk is the common beverage of the locals. Butter is used generously in almost all dishes here.

Dried lentils and corn are the common ingredients. Rajasthani spices are used lot in the dishes. Since spices are grown in Bikaner, you can always expect a rich spicy food. If you do not want your food to be too spicy, mention during ordering. Bikaner cuisine is mildly hot when compared to many other cuisines of India. Due to dryness, vegetables are not common here. Thus, most of the Bikaner dishes uses dried versions of vegetables or meat.

Bikaner Famous Foods to Try

  • Bhujia
  • Namkeen
  • Spicy Papads
  • Samosa
  • Kachori
  • Gatte Ki Sabzi
  • Pakodi
  • Khasta
  • Fini
  • Ghevar
  • Rabri

Top Places to Eat in Bikaner

Suraj Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for authentic Bikaner dishes and traditional Bikaner thali. Thali is a specialty Indian style of serving in which a large plate containing small amount of numerous side dishes and main dishes are served in unlimited quantity. If you want to enjoy all dishes of the traditional cuisine, thali is the best one to choose.

Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop

This shop has been recognized by several TV channels and magazines as one of the good spot to enjoy the cuisine of the state. As the name indicates, the place serves delicacies, sweets and beverages. Lassi (sweetened curd drink) is very famous here. Top items to taste here are Namkeens, rasmalai, bhujjia and other milk based sweets. If you are planning to pack some as souvenirs for your family, ask the server about their shelf life. Milk sweets have very low shelf life if not stored in refrigerator.

Laxmi Niwas Palace Hotel

As the name indicates, this hotel is located inside Laxmi Niwas. It is a good spot to enjoy North Indian, South Indian and Continental dishes. The hotel has a long menu with numerous delicacies. The ambience is pleasing too.

Garden Cafe and Restaurant

This fine dining restaurant is famous for cheese toast, soups, banana lassi and others. You can have a lavishing dining experience here for decent pricing. The hotel was Pause cafe earlier and many locals recognize it by its old name better.

Best Restaurants in Bikaner

  • Hang Around Zone – This restaurant is for gamers. There is a large TV to watch sports and you have pool table, Play station and good Wi-Fi. Apart from these, the food is also decent here.
  • Gallops – Located near Junagarh fort, this hotel is famous for camel leather seating, luxurious ambience and others. Very famous for high quality espresso coffee and chicken tikka. Luxury dining spot.
  • Swarna Mahal – Located inside Laxmi Vilas palace, this is a spot to enjoy dining like a Burmese king. The hotel has recreated a heritage era styled ambience with hand painted stone panel, teak roof and others. Famous for mutton dishes cooked in Gulmohar flowers.
  • Laalji Restaurant – Located in station road. This is a sweet shop famous for milk sweets made with camel milk.

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