Top Tourist Attractions in Bundi

The majestic town Bundi is an imperial Rajasthani town which is famous for forts, mansions, monuments, temples along with an attractive natural beauty. Travelers can see and enjoy a lot of unknown facts about the history and gain excellent experience of seeing the wonderful places to see.

The forts in the region include the beautiful Taragarh Fort which offers a panoramic view of the city and the whole construction stands as an excellent symbol of art and architecture. The fort reflects the charm of the brave Rajputs even today and has impressive carvings.

Along with the fort one must not miss seeing Bundi Palace, Sukh Mahal during the visit to Bundi as these two places are the best examples of the work of the craftsmen. Tour to these wonderful places will offer a fair chance to see and enjoy the incredible history of India.

The Nawal Sagar Lake, Ratan Daulat, Keshar Bagh, Shikhar Burj, Phool Sagar are the few best places around the city Bundi that are to be seen. All the amazing constructions and magnificent monuments in the town Bundi are rich in architecture and are the best in the whole state.

Along with all wonderful attractions one must also see the Phool Sagar, Keshar Bagh, Dabhai Kund, Ranji Ki Baori are a few ancient constructions with spectacular carvings in the hillside city Bundi.

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