Best Time to Visit Bundi

Visiting the beautiful location known for its scenic beauty and pictorial locations Bundi is apt to explore during the months October and March. The city will be a beautiful location to visit during the winter season as the ambience turns to be lively and much enchanting. Exploring the spectacular region in the cool breeze will be a great experience for all the travelers as they get a chance to see all the magnificent constructions and stunning forts.

The rainfall of the region Bundi is comparatively higher by a bit than other regions of the desert state Rajasthan. Travelers who love to enjoy the sightseeing can easily take a glimpse of the whole land filled with pleasing wonders. But individual stepping in the city in between July till September may get drenched in the rain during the excursions around the historical city Bundi.

Summers are unbearable in Bundi and particularly the months between March and June are pretty hot during day time. One packing their bags to explore the land must step in carrying all light colored cotton apparels and other essentials to face the heat.

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