Shopping in Bundi

The historic city Bundi allows every traveler to enjoy shopping in Bundi a lot as the market streets are filled with extra ordinary goods. There are a few special items available in the markets of Bundi which stand as a symbol of Rajasthani culture and tradition.

The tiny town of the Rajasthan allows one to purchase various paintings, handicrafts, antiques and many more handmade goods. Shopping in Bundi will be a marvelous experience as one can find attractive miniature paintings which are extremely beautiful. The collection will surely amaze an art lover as the paintings, handicrafts are exceptionally beautiful and worthy goods available in the market streets. Carpets made of cotton are special attraction on the market streets of Bundi along with the exclusive Kota sarees, hand painted items, carved statues that will allow every individual to peep in to the beautiful culture of Rajasthan.

All these sparkling items and the stunning collections in the bustling market places allow every traveler to buy local and traditional Rajasthani goods. Shopping in Main Bazaar, Chaumaukh Bazaar, and Sadar Bazaar will offer a shopaholic a great collection of lac bangles, silver jewelry, antiques, figurines made of wood and stone, sarees and many more.

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