What to Eat in Bundi

Bundi is paradise for people who love to taste different dishes and delicacies that are prepared with a traditional touch using all the local ingredients. Along with the regular Rajasthani dishes one get a chance to taste the various recipes of the mouthwatering north Indian cuisine. Every individual will get a chance to feed their tummy with lip smacking food and will surely turn to be a foodie after the tour.

There are a number of eating places around the town Bundi and one can get delicious food that delights every food lover. Rainbow Restaurant, Food & Fun Shisha Restaurant, Lakha Restaurant, are a few places where one can get a chance to taste excellent food along with the special Rajasthani thali.

Apart from the restaurants and the eateries one can sample yummy snacks and drink the tastiest drink lassi on the market streets of Bundi. Travelers can enjoy the Marwari influence in both the delicious vegetarian and non veg Rajasthani dishes. Items made using milk are exclusively served in the region along with all delicacies.

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