Chittorgarh Tours

People interested in seeing and learning more about the heroic past of the Rajput rulers must step into the majestic land Chittorgarh. As if all other princely cities of the imperial state Rajasthan the land that stands as a symbol of the glorious heritage revealing the history of bravery and sacrifice.

Built in 7th century AD the beautiful region Chittorgarh is known for its exceptional beauty along with the architecture marvels and wonderful constructions. The whole region stands as an example of the art and architecture and taste of the brave rulers of Rajputana. Mostly known as Chittaur or Chitaurgarh the region lies on the Breach River and popularly known as the capital of Mewar rulers.

All the wonderful constructions, forts, castles, tombs stand reflecting the glory and greatness of the Rajput rulers. Not only the stunning forts, but the religious places are associated with the princely families and are built in a great construction pattern. The opulent castles turn to be much more eye catchy during the time of annual festivals and fairs. The huge celebration of the Jauhar Mela is one interesting event of the region. The imperial city Chittorgarh has a unique place in the heart of the people and the history of the region is filled with heroic act, sacrifice and bravery of men and women of Rajputs. The battle with invaders and Alauddin stands as a symbol of the daring and bold nature of the Rajputs.

The huge fort at Chittorgarh is one of the largest forts of India and the legendary history of the fort palace enclosed with different gates stand as a special attraction. This ruined fort stands as an evidence revealing the glorious Rajput tradition and heroic history. Enthusiast history lovers can spend a great time around Chittorgarh and even turn to be an admirer of art and architecture after seeing the outstanding constructions.

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