Top 10 Things To Do in Chittorgarh

Chittor or Chittorgarh is a fascinating small city in Rajasthan. This land is famous for the complex large fort of the country, the Chittorgarh Fort. Apart from exploring the fort and other destinations in the city, you can experience numerous activities in this Rajput-chivalry destination. Find below the points about Things to do in Chittorgarh:

1. Birdwatching at Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary

If you love birdwatching or wildlife photography, you ought to visit Bassi wildlife sanctuary, early in the morning during winter season. Numerous migration and local birds are commonly found in this region. Certain bird species are commonly spotted during sunset only.

2. Stay at Luxury Palace

If you are on a luxury tour or romantic experience, you ought to stay in the 16th century Bassi fort. The warm royal hospitality and the exclusive décor keeps your time of stay, more memorable and luxurious. If you are looking for luxurious vacation, try to book the iconic itinerary of Palace on Wheels and Maharaja Express train.

3. Shopping At The Alleys

This labyrinth of alleys in the city is famous for local stalls, where you can buy unique souvenirs like miniature panting, marble figures, bangles, camel leather article, jewelry, handicraft items, wood articles and much more. The best markets of the city are Fort Road market and Sadar bazaar.

4. Cave Exploration

Drive to Menal, outside Chittorgarh to explore the caves of ancient temples and Buddhist religious sites. You can also enjoy water activities, picnic and other outdoor entertainments in Menal.

5. Sound And Light Show Of Chittorgarh Fort

After exploring the fort, do not just leave the spot. Stay back for the sound and light show, which starts by 7 in the evening. This sound and light show explains the history of the land, chivalry of royal families and the growth of the region.

6. Oil Treatment Of Avari Mata Temple

This temple of Avari Mata is located in Aasawara village. Visit the temple with a bottle of oil. They will perform rituals on the oil and give it back to you. This oil is said to cure many ailments.

7. Panoramic View From Kirti Stambh

Climb up the 30 feet tower to the top floor to get a panoramic view of Chittorgarh City. It is located inside the fort complex of Chittorgarh.

8. Chittorgarh Fort from Ratan Singh Palace

This palace is the winter palace of the royal family, located to the north of Chittorgarh Fort. Apart from exploring the palace, reach the top of the palace to get a grand view of the Chittorgarh Fort. The view will be splendid on a clear day.

Apart from all these activities, make sure to take part in local festivals and cultural celebrations. Chittorgarh’s beauty lies in its history and culture. The best way to experience those is by taking part in local celebrations.

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