Where to Stay in Chittorgarh

Whatever may be the budget a traveler can enjoy their stay in the imperial city Chittorgarh as there are luxurious hotels along with budget rooms that offer royal services. Exploring the land will be a fabulous experience as one gets a chance to see the ruins and the forts which reveal the great heritage of the Rajput rulers. Continuing the expedition by staying in the places that offer extraordinary services and facilities will be a fascinating experience turning the holiday in to a memorable one.

There are varied accommodation facilities and places that offer a lavish stay along with a fine culinary experience. People interested in taking part in the activities can spend lavishly in the extravagant hotels that provide various facilities. Bassi Fort Palace, Castle Bijaipur are a few excellent places and heritage hotels to relax in the spacious rooms filled with ethnic decors. Every traveler can enjoy a comfortable stay in the elegant places, seeing the picturesque view of the region and enjoy various royal services.

Along with the luxury and deluxe hotels one can stay in the mid rung and budget hotels like the Bhagwati Hotel, Hotel Shree Ji, Shalimar Hotel are a few hotels that are filled with traditional Rajasthani furniture along with all regular and modern amenities. People interested in enjoying the royal services by spending in a limited way can get an excellent experience in the pretty region Chittorgarh.

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