Best Time To Visit Jaipur

Jaipur is a city, which is at prime beauty throughout the year. However, when it comes to comfort, availability of services and cost of travel, there are certain months, which are considered to be more preferable than others. Know here the detailed guide on Best Time to Visit Jaipur:

Best Season to Visit Jaipur

In Winter (October - March)

Winter starts in October and ends in March. This is the most pleasing time of the year. Winter is mildly warm and has chill nights. The land will be lush with greens and the water bodies will be filled with water, allowing you to enjoy water-based activities.

Average Maximum Temperature - 25 Degree C

Average Minimum Temperature - 10 Degree C

This is the photographic time of the year. The climate provides a dry and cool ambience, with very low probability of rain. Fog is not common in Jaipur during winter. Thus, view of the city will be perfect.

In Summer (April - July)

Summer starts by mid of March and ends by June or July. Jaipur is practically inside a desert state and thus, heat waves will be in abundance. The city will be humid and hot. It is one of the lean tourism seasons of the year. Evenings will be mildly pleasing and it is the only quality time for sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

Average Maximum Temperature – 35 Degree C

Average Minimum Temperature – 25 Degree C

It is a very dry and humid time. If you choose to visit during summer, it is best to pack cotton clothing in pale colors. Carry sunscreen lotions, umbrella, scarves and drink plenty of water. Chances of dehydration is very common during peak summer, May.

In Monsoon (August - September)

Jaipur experiences mild to moderate rainfall and the monsoon is short-lived. Monsoon starts in July or beginning of August and ends by September. Floods are quite uncommon in Jaipur.

Average Maximum Temperature – 33 Degree C

Average Minimum Temperature – 25 Degree C

As you can see, there will be no considerable change in the temperature of the land. In fact, monsoon brings more humidity to the ambience. However, it is one of the best times for photography. The monuments will be fresh from the recent showers. Monsoon is one of the lean tourism seasons in the city.

Budget Season to Visit Jaipur

Summer is the hottest time of the year and thus, most of the tourists prefer to keep away from Rajasthan. If you are planning to visit Jaipur city in a reasonable budget, it is best to choose summer season. The hotels, transportation and other services will be at rock-bottom price. Moreover, you will see very less tourists and thus, no queue in most of the destinations.

If you are planning luxury train vacation to Jaipur, the tickets of luxury trains like Palace on Wheels and Maharajas’ Express will be very low during early summer.

On the other hand, winter is the peak tourism season and thus, the demand and price of the tickets, hotels and other services will be sky-high. If you are choosing winter season, you need to pre-book every amenity, at least a few months in prior.


The amazing way to experience the culture of the land is by witnessing as much traditional festivals as possible. Winter and early summer are the best time to visit to experience as many celebrations as possible. Gangaur festival, Elephant festival, Dussehra, Sitla Mata fair, Donkey fair, international film festival, International Kite Festival and others are celebrated during winter and early summer.

Monsoon has the least number of celebrations. However, there are important festivals in the monsoon. Teej, the most colorful festival of the city takes place in September.