Camel Leather Items, Jaipur

The alluring destination Jaipur is famous for various things and most particularly the leather goods. This city grabs the attention of every individual with its exceptionally beautiful accessories made of leather. The interesting fact is that the leather industry in Jaipur manufactures at least one thing that is necessary for people. Both men and women can shop for the best accessories made using superior quality of the camel leather finely finished with necessary embellishments.

Starting from bags, purses, sandals, shoes the leather goods became much popular throughout the world. All these products gained a very special craze and place in the hearts of people as the artisans design them with such a great dedication. It is true that a person visiting Jaipur cannot return back without picking an elegant leather item which is soft and highly fashionable.

Attractive Work

Particularly the threads and other embellishments utilized in the embroidery of these extraordinary pieces along with the work of the craftsmen will turn every single thing into a special one. The velvet cloth attached to the camel leather is first added with all the embroidery work and later will turn into a sandal or a shoe into a fancy one. Locally these are named as Jutis or Mojharis and are available in various designs and styles. Also the purses are given a royal appeal along with the fine finishing. Fashion conscious people or traditional lovers can add these alluring goods to their collection during the trip to the royal city Jaipur as there is no other place to produce these colorful accessories.