Jaipur Culture

Jaipur is the capital city of the Rajashtan which makes it rich and prosper in every field. When it comes to the culture it holds the old Rajasthani touch in everything. Clothing, languages, festivals and even in the architecture of the buildings is similar to the old ones. Jaipur has many monuments which are visit worthy. The handicrafts like blue pottery, handmade juttis(shoes), jewels and lifestyle. In this post we will have a detailed view of culture of Jaipur.

Art and Crafts

Two royal families The Mughal and Rajput ruled the Rajasthan most of the times. They shared one thing in common- both loved the art and craft. They had most skilled artists of that time, some of those artists were from abroad. You can find great artwork on textiles, pots and shoes. There are so many old and new statues which define the artwork and culture of the pink city.

Performing Arts

You can find numerous live performances here. Street circus, plays and annual events artists performs various activities which explains so many things about the culture of the old city. Ghoomar dance with sarangi , numerous folk and devotional songs with “garha and khartal” are famous in Jaipur.

In ancient Rajasthan there were many tribe which were quite famous for their art performances. Some of them are Bhopa, Kalbeliya. Painting of at that time is also famous even today those get explored in many exhibitions.

But now you can see the western touch in the music of Rajasthan various artists like Rapirya Baalm, Murari (admin of famous Rajasthani comedy youtube channel-Murari ki cocktail) can give you the detailed info about the Desi Culture.

Food of Jaipur

The cuisines of Jaipur are world famous. You can taste the old Rajasthan by Dal Bati Churma, Missi Roti and sweets like Ghevar, Feeni, Gajak and Chauguni ke laddu. You can find the street food in fairs and other local festivals.

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Fairs And Festivals

There are 29 states in India but each state has its own different culture and festivals but the Rajasthan is one of them which are rich in every aspect whether we talk about the festivals or gathering on these special occasions. You can find Chasku Fair, Elephant Fair, Chhat ka Mela. But fair of Teej holds something specialties among all those other ones. At this occasion, ladies prey for their husbands and girls for their future ones.

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People and Languages

As everything is special of Rajasthan so the People. They wear colorful outfits and speak many languages including Rajasthani, Hindi and English. Still so many people of Rajasthan wear turban and pay respect to their old dressing sense.

Population of the capital city is something near 3,073,350 of which 78% are Hindus, 18.6% are Muslims, 2.3% are Jains and others are 1.0%.

Conclusion :

Jaipur culture is vibrant and holds. If you want to know more about the culture then you should pay a visit. Because Jaipur has so many things to explore and feel so we can’t describe beauty, culture and its heritage in words.