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Elephant Festival, Jaipur

Elephant Festival, Jaipur

Elephant festival
The enchanting state Rajasthan welcomes every tourist to see and enjoy the magnificent natural attractions, marvelous structures, royal palaces and many more. Particularly the capital city Jaipur grabs the attention of people with vibrant festivals and colorful fairs. The whole region is well known for its exceptional culture and traditions. One striking event that should not be missed is the Elephant Festival, which is an annual event.

The brilliant celebration
Elephant Festival is celebrated on the day of Holi every year, which falls on the full moon day of the month Phalgun.   According to the English calendar this grand and the most colorful event falls either in the month of February or March. As the name explains, this festival is all of the huge animal elephant which is decorated beautifully.

The elephants are decorated with paints, jewelry, saddle cloths, bells, anklets and other bright embellishments. Along with the elephants that mahout who takes care of the elephants will wear eye catchy apparels along with jackets and turbans of vibrant shades. The whole ambience along with the elephants and the people appear to be splashy filling the environment with royal and vivid colors. Finally the well dressed mahout along with a finely decorated elephant will be announced as the winner of the year.

Apart from elephants the celebration is filled with live dances and musicians playing the traditional musical instruments, elephant race, polo and a few more. The special attraction of the festival is a procession in which the elephants along with horses, camels and the tug of war between people and elephants. Being part of the incredible celebration will surely be a mind-blowing experience for people of all ages.

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