Moti Dungri Temple, Jaipur

Moti Dungri Temple Jaipur

Visitor Information

  • Famous for : Religious, Experience Seekers
  • Fee : No Entry Fee
  • Visiting Time : 4:30 to 9:15PM
  • Visit Duration : 1 to 2 hours

Moti Dungri Ganesh temple defines the advancement of Old Indian architecture and its relation with the psychology and mind. Only a few time you spend here can give treat your mental anxieties, depression and so many other stress problems. It’s a matter of hours sometimes in minutes. Temple is covering more than 2 km area and has three well-built domes. The main idol of the Lord Ganesha is in the heart of the temple. Make sure that this place is on your visit list. The name of the temple is after the name of the palace and it means Moti- The pearl and Dungri- the word is used to define small hill in Rajasthani.

History of Moti Dungri Temple

Temple is backed with a very interesting story of the King of Mewar. Old folks living here state that once the king was returning from the journey. He had the statue of Lord Ganesha with him. He committed that no matter where would my bullock be stopped, I’ll build a temple there. By God’s grace, the cart stopped at the bottom of the Dungri. And now we see the temple here.

The incident happened in the 17th century and that king was the devotee of the Lord Ganesha. Another story attached to the incident is that Madho Singh desired this idol in the Jaipur. The royal transport department of his kingdom was carrying this idol in the bullock cart. The cart stopped here and after attempting the ways no one was able to move this cart. King ordered to make the temple there on that hill of Dungri.

The construction process took the time of 4 months and was completed in 1761 AD. The chief of the construction was the Seth Jai Ram Paliwal and Mahant Shiv Narain ji.

Religious Significance in Jaipur

This temple is one of the biggest Ganesh Temples in Jaipur. Thousands of devotees visit the temple daily. You can find a mini market alongside the Temple. But every Wednesday small fair takes place in which many visitors offer their prey to Lord Ganesh. You can witness a huge religious procession on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. Newly married couples and their family members come here to complete their traditional journey; to offer the pray for their well being.

How to Reach Moti Dungri Temple

This Temple is in Jaipur which is well connected with the rest of India via air, train or road. Excellent public transport of the Jaipur will make you feel better. You can land on the Jaipur Airport after reaching there either you can book a cab or you can visit the Bus-Stand for taking a Deluxe Bus to the temple.

Things to do in Moti Dungri Temple

Mood Relaxation : You can enjoy the peace of the environment and can enjoy the devotional music ceremony which is often being held in the evening.

Pray : According to the local folks living here, Lord Ganesh accepts the pray. If you believe in God then you can pray here which can work for you.

Visit Nearest Destinations

Some of the famous places are nearest to this place which is Hawa Mahal, the Nahargarh Fort and the Statue circle which are great places to visit.

Visiting Time

You can visit 4:30AM to 9:15PM which suits you.


Moti Dungri temple has a special place and experience inside the temple when someone talks about the must visit place in Jaipur. If you want to know about ancient India, the Hindu religion closely, you must visit here.