Top Things To Do in Jaipur

If you are still thinking where to go for an enthusiastic trip means it’s not fine. For enthusiastic travelers, Jaipur is the best-known destination in Rajasthan with an infinite number of attractions and things to do. In Jaipur, you can visit different forts, palaces, monuments etc but if you miss funny and adventurous activities means your trip to Jaipur is incomplete.

Let’s have a look at the top things to do in Jaipur which should not be missed.

1. Cycling Excursion at Nahargarh Fort

Cycling tour at the Nahargarh Fort is the best experience to witness the beauty of the Fort in detail. At mornings, facing the cool breezes of Jaipur and enjoying the pleasant air circulation makes you feel very serene and comfortable. Through cycling, you can see numerous attractions of Jaipur like Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur’s city attractions and nature’s greenery. Cycling tours in Jaipur are the best option to round up the Pink city’s attraction.

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2. Shopping Paradise

In Rajasthan, Jaipur is known as shopping paradise. Here you can find almost what you want. Jaipur is home for jewelry, traditional attires, precious gemstones, colourful handicrafts, textiles, and beautiful souvenirs etc. It’s sure you can’t leave Jaipur without shopping after seeing all these. Here is the list of some shopping destinations in Jaipur are Sreh Deori Bazaar, Johari Bazaar, Chandpol Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, etc. Shop your loved things at these destinations and leave Jaipur with a handful of bags.

3. Jaipur's Festival Grandeur

Jaipur is the place for rich cultural and traditional values. Festivals in Jaipur is very popular all over India. Attending Jaipur’s festivals will be registered as the most memorable moments in your life with rich heritage culture and traditional core. The festivals of Jaipur are full of joy and colourful celebrations. So it will be nice to plan a trip to Jaipur during festivals. Some of the prominent festivals of Jaipur are Kite festival, Gangaur Fair, Teej Festival, Dhulandi Festival etc.

4. A Joy Ride on an Elephant at Amer Fort

Amer Fort in Jaipur is known for many funny and interesting things. Here the best thing to do is experiencing the Elephant ride at Amer Fort. It is very easy to take an elephant ride here. And also try to attend the light show at the Fort in the evening. So if you want to experience the elephant ride means you have to visit Amer Fort.

5. Wildlife Nearby Jaipur

Experiencing the wildlife nearby Jaipur is the must-do thing. The Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur is a very popular wildlife destination nearby Jaipur. Here you can experience the rich flora and fauna of Rajasthan lands. This National Park is famous for tigers and also for many endangered things.

The best way to explore the wildlife of Ranthambore is through safaris. In Ranthambore National Park, Jeep safaris are available to round up the natural and wild attractions of Ranthambore. Visiting this National Park is must try thing.

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6. Delicious Rajasthani Cuisines

If you miss the delicious cuisines of Rajasthani in Jaipur means it’s a big mistake. There are many options in Jaipur to taste the delicious and vibrant cuisines of Jaipur. From small restaurants to five-star hotels of Jaipur serves all variety of famous cuisines of Jaipur. Even the roadside food stalls of Jaipur also serves good delicious cuisines. The list of some mouthwatering cuisines of Jaipur is Ker Sangri, Ghevar, Dal Baati Churma, Laal Maas etc.

7. Camel Safaris

Jeep safaris may be common but the camel safaris are unique experience. To see the desert lands of Jaipur means Camel safaris is the best option. Riding on the back of Camel will be very funny and interesting. Through camel safaris, you can explore the rustic lands of Jaipur. However, camel safari memories in Jaipur will last forever.

8. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For hot air balloon rides, Jaipur is very popular in Rajasthan. Experiencing the most adventurous hot air balloon ride is the must-do thing to grab the captivating views of Jaipur with bird’s eye view. The views from the balloon at the peak altitude will be so colourful and attractive.

Hot air balloon rides at the Amer Fort is the best option for beautiful views of Amer Fort and surrounding Aravalli ranges. Hot air Balloon ride in Jaipur is the experience-able activity with family or friends.

9. Zip-Lining

Zip-lining is another thrilling adventurous activity in Jaipur. Traveling from one point to other through a Zip line will be very scary and terrific to experience. But the feeling you get passing above the hills, monuments, forts, or anything will be very attractive with the stunning visuals from the top.

Different operators in Jaipur operate this activity near forts, hills. But Zip-lining also a must do an adventurous thing in Jaipur.

10. Quad Biking

Quad Biking is a different and enthusiastic thing to do in Jaipur. Quad Biking is like a racing activity with high-speed Quad bikes. It is not a difficult thing to learn because all bikes are automatic. So with the safety precautions and a simple guide, we can try this activity.

This Quad Biking will take place through jungle trails, green landscapes, and sand dunes etc. Rushing through them with high speed will rush your adrenaline to give a full kick.

11. Fun Activities of Jaipur

Jaipur is also home for some funny activities to just chill for some time from hustle bustle life. The first thing is Paintball activity, it is a funny activity in working as teams and escaping from the target without getting shoot. And another thing is Body Zorbing, its a fun activity in air-filled Zorb ball. By getting into this Zorb ball, you can participate in Sumo wrestling. These type of activities are the best stress busters in Jaipur.

12. The Nightlife of Jaipur

Experiencing the nightlife of Jaipur is like an electrifying thing to do. The nightlife of Jaipur will be glorious with city lights and night pubs and clubs. Many pubs and clubs of Jaipur are the best-known addresses to experience the nightlife in Jaipur. Some popular nightclubs are Cocoa House, Dragon Bar & Terrace Lounge, Grunge etc.

13. Different Treks of Jaipur

Jaipur is also the best-known destination for trekking in Rajasthan. Due to the Aravalli ranges, water bodies, numerous forts on hilltops, and natural attractions made possible for trekking in Jaipur. Trekking in Jaipur through these natural attractions and rustic conditions remains as great memories for you.

Here is the list of some famous trekking points are Water Valley Trek, Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev trek, Chour Ghati Trek, and Achrol Fort Dat Trek etc.

14. Experience the Stay at Tree Resort

In Jaipur, a stay in Tree Resort is a must experience-able thing to nestle in nature’s lap. The experience of staying in Tree Resort surrounded by natural attractions will be a very good experience. It’s sure a luxury hotel may provide luxurious amenities but this type of resorts provides pleasantness and tranquility. However, a peaceful stay amid green forests a must try thing in Jaipur.

15. Puppet Shows

Jaipur is the land of arts and culture. Here puppet shows grab everyone attention and these shows are very popular in Jaipur. Through the puppet shows, they will play different epic stories with the help of puppets. Visiting puppet shows is worth to get educate of rich heritage culture of Rajasthanis. Spare time to experience the puppet shows of Jaipur.

These are the top 15 things you have to try in Jaipur. It’s sure you will definitely get attracted to these things. So whenever you visit Jaipur never miss these experiences.