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Jaipur Weather

Jaipur the capital of colorful state Rajasthan is much popular for its own charm and natural beauty. This is one of the oldest and a well planned destination of India that offers a jolly holiday. The marvelous city experiences warm summers and cold winters. The weather of the Pink City can be considered to be semi-arid and the city face a maximum temperature above 45 degrees in summers and below 5 degrees in winters.


Winter in Jaipur lasts between October till March and the days during this period are chilly, but one can enjoy the sightseeing in the day time as the temperature lies between 20 to 25 degrees. But the night temperatures fall down terrifically and carrying woolens is a must to have a pleasant trip.


Summers in Jaipur are very hot and the weather turns to be much humid between April to July. People may experience hottest and long days, but by nights the climate will turn to be warm. Wearing cotton clothes and having many fluids will help one to beat the heat and complete the trip safely.


The impact of the rains is very less in the city and the days will be hot in Jaipur. Though it starts raining in mid of July it may not last long and exploring the city is not much convenient in this weather.

In order to have a mild and pleasant vacation in the amazing city Jaipur paying a visit between the months of November till March is the best way

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