Bagru, Jaipur

Rajasthan is the home of enormous heritage and cultural sites which increase its importance on the tourist map. Other than forts and palaces there are numerous places that are famous for unique architecture along with the handicrafts and exceptional craft works. The famous ‘Bagru Print’ holds a remarkable position in the textile printing styles and has a great demand in the fashion world. This is an incomparable art of printing using wooden block and traditional dyes which is owned by a small village Bagru near Jaipur city.


Bagru is a village approximately 32 km away from the city and falls on the Jaipur - Ajmer road. The art of block printing has given Bagru a prominent position in the textile printing industry of India. This art form is 300 years old and is kept alive by the artisans in Bagru village.

Block Printing

Bagru Print or block printing is done with the help of a wooden block. The desired pattern is first carved on a block which is then utilized in creating designs on the preferred fabric. The exclusive aspect of this traditional craft is the use of natural dyes. The wooden blocks are immersed in natural eco-friendly colors and various designs are stamped on the cloth. In block printing various shades of colors are made using vegetable dyes like the red color is made from madder root and yellow from turmeric. The basic colors are combined in different ratios to obtain new shades. Bagru Print was initially done on cotton and silk but craftsmen are now experimenting with other fabrics.

Bagru Print is getting popular not only in India but across the globe because they are made using the eco-friendly dyes and distinctive patterns and designs. It is an ideal place to visit for fashion designers and craft lovers.