Bairath, Jaipur

There are plenty of tourist attractions around Jaipur which are worth visiting to delve into the glorious history of vibrant state Rajasthan. The rich heritage and great royal history of the state fascinates numerous tourists. Bairath, a place near Jaipur which has a great historical and mythological significance as the remains of several structures are found here, which reveals that it was a cultural and spiritual center of the state.


Bairath is also known as Viratnagar, was the capital city for King Virat of the ancient Matsya Kingdom. It is a place of archaeological importance and has connection with Hindu epics as well. Viratnagar was the capital city for Abhimanyu, son of Arjun. It was a legend that the Pandavas spent one year of the exile period in disguise in Viratnagar. Ancient Bairath was supposed to be a center for Buddhism as ruins of a circular Buddhist temple are also excavated here.

Location and Highlights

Bairath is a small historical town located about 85 km from Jaipur city on Shahpur - Alwar road. It is well connected to Jaipur via road. It is famous as a heritage place where one can witness periodical remains of Mughal and Mauryan architecture. A beautiful garden and painted chhatris built in Mughal era are worth to visit. Bijak-ki-Pahari, Bhim-ki-doongri are a few places that are to be seen during the visit.

Bairath town is also acclaimed for Banganga Fair held annually in Vaishakh (April-May) on full moon day. Another attraction in Bairath is the Viratnagar Museum that has a vast collection of sculptures, coins, pottery and other artifacts related to the history.

Bairath or Viratnagar observes a considerable number of tourists every year due to its historical and religious significance.