Ramgarh Lake, Jaipur

Ramgarh Lake is a popular picnic spot during the monsoon season as the lake gets filled with water. The beautiful sceneries all over here with birds and trees allure visitors very much. Ramgarh Lake is a good spot for excursions and is popular its pleasant environment with fresh air. It is an artificial lake which is sited near the place Jamwa Ramgarh near Jaipur, of Rajasthan state in India. It is situated 32 kilometers away from Jaipur city. The Lake covers the area of 15.5 kilometers and the water was used to supply to the whole Jaipur city earlier.  At present the lake runs dry without water in other season.


Sariska was initially used as a hunting place for royal people in the early centuries. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the Government of India in 1955. Later in 1978, Sariska was announced as Project Tiger Reserve and National Park simultaneously. Ruins of temples and houses found in the park are considered as the signs of occupants living in the area long ago.

Natural Phenomenon of the Site

It is surrounded with thick forests all around. The forest is providing accommodation for so many wild animals including tigers, lions, neelgai and many more. In 1982, Government of India declared and allotted the forest for Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors of Ramgarh Lake can enjoy with safaris and watching animals, particularly children get pleasure from the place extremely.

Best to Enjoy

This place was under the ruling of a king and a Fort was constructed many years ago. The Maharajas used for hunting in the forest for the animals. At present traveler can see only ruins of the Fort. Near the fort, a temple of Jambwa Mata is situated here which was built by Rao Dulherao belonging to Kachhwaha clans of Jaipur. Visitors can enjoy boating in the lake. A polo ground is situated between the Ramgarh Lake and Aravali Hills. It is one of the best polo grounds in India.