Sambhar, Jaipur

Sambhar is a famous place for excursions which is a small city in Jaipur district of Rajasthan State in India. The place is also known as Sambhar Lake Town and also Salt Lake City. Sambhar is located along with Sambhar Lake which is the largest saline lake in India. The lake is widespread with saline wetland with water deepness that is fluctuated according to seasons. The Sambhar lake basin is divided by a long dam made of sandstone.

Must to Visit

An attraction of Sambhar city is the Albert Hall Museum that has exhibited many sculptures of past times. Following the tradition, many local fairs are conducted here in this region. Those include Shakambhri Mata Ka Mela, Dushera Ka Mela, Nandiya Ji Ka Mela, Devyani Ji Ka Mela, Teja Ji Ka Mela, and Teej-Ganguaur ka Mela. Visitors are facilitated to enjoy Tanga carriages i.e. horse carts, for moving from one place to another.

Another place to visit is The Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is spread in a very long area included with avian species of birds like Coots, Redshanks, and Black-winged Stilts. The Sambhar Tiger Sanctuary is also a popular destination for checking out grandiose tigers survives in this place.

Traditional Preceding

The temple on the shores of the Sambhar Lake is dedicated to Shakambhri Devi, the goddess of Chauhan Rajputs who ruled the place once upon a time. A visitor feels enthusiastic with bird watching around the lake.

Visitors of Sambhar are able to find religious place and get a peaceful outing. Some of them are Devyani Ji Sarovar, Lakshmi Narayan Ji Temple, Hagrat Hasumudeen Chisti, Dadu Dayalji, Ma Shakambhri temple, Sarmishta Ji Sarovar, and Sukh Sagar Ashram and the place provide divine nature with a pleasant environment for having a good visit.