Sanganer, Jaipur

Sanganer, a small town located near Jaipur is well known throughout the world for the handmade paper industry, block printing and the Jain temples. This place holds a great historical importance and one can see a few ancient constructions and Jain temples of the deity Adinath. This region is 16 kms away from Jaipur and is located on the Tonk Road.


The Jain temples here stand as a major attraction and the constructions touching the sky will impress everyone who pays a visit. The art and architecture of the temple and the designs carved over it will resemble the Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu. The underground and the inner chambers of the temples are not permitted for the common people. The place holds an idol of Parshwantnath made using precious stones which is safeguarded by the serpents. Only the Balyati ascetic Digambara saints can step in and get the statue out and place it back into its original place.

Print Using Blocks

Apart from this amazing temple, one can see the beauty of the block printing, which is made using the blocks with a fine cut. This form of printing became much popular in European countries in between 16th and 17th century. The Sanganer prints are much popular in the textile world and the bright colors used in printing stands as an added asset. The prints using the bright and vibrant shades along with the traditional designs will grab the attention of people.

Paper Industry

Handmade paper making is another interesting element of the region and was first done during the period of Sawai Man Singh. The region has enough resources to make papers that are handmade and due to this the whole region stands as a top producer of handmade paper throughout the globe.