Top Tourist Attractions in Jaisalmer

The princely state Rajasthan reflects the imperial life of the Rajput rulers till date and is the home of several oldest cities that owe a unique significance. One of the important cities of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is to be explored at least once in a lifetime as there are amazing wonders loaded in the city mostly known as the Golden City. The yellow sandstone constructions around the region are exceptionally beautiful and offer a memorable holiday experience. What to see and what to do is one doubt in the mind of every traveler and one must always choose the right way to enjoy a marvelous vacation in the charming location.

Here are the list of top tourist attractions in Jaisalmer to explore this princely city of Rajasthan :

1. Jaisalmer Fort

This is one place which everyone remembers as soon as they plan a holiday to the Jaisalmer. Mostly referred as the Sonar Quila this is one of the world heritage site that stands as an architectural marvel. The opulent construction style allures the visitors and this is one of the forts that grab the attention of travelers throughout the world. The brilliance of the construction makes it completely different and one can see the intricate designs of the Rajput as well as the Islamic architecture.

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2. Bada Bagh

The Bada Bagh in Jaisalmer is one of the interesting monuments of the region and is known as the Big Garden. There are dominating structures which are constructed using the stones and a tank which is worthy of exploring. Also, the Cenotaph is worth to explore during the holiday to Jaisalmer.

3. Desert Festival

The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer owes a unique importance as the Golden City turns much vibrant during the celebration. The camels stand as a special attraction and one can enjoy witnessing the unique competitions and even taste the local delicacies which are mouthwatering. Taking part in the festival is not just entertaining, but a fascinating experience to watch the Rajasthani culture and traditions much closely.

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4. Safari

The opulent city Jaisalmer offers a golden opportunity to enjoy riding on the camel backs on the sand dunes. The Thar Desert welcomes travelers to enjoy the camel safari and there is no need to worry regarding the accommodation as the tents are available with various amenities. Spend times in the desert with a camel or a camel cart as this surely stands as a unique experience of holiday to people irrespective of the age.

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5. Patwon Ki Haveli

Mostly known as the mansion of the brocade merchants this is one place that attracts the attention of tourists. A masterpiece of the Rajput art and architecture is the huge Havelis in Jaisalmer and this owe a complete uniqueness. This is one yellow sandstone construction which as wonderful paintings as well as the mirror work on the walls.

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6. Kuldhara

Popular as the abandoned village this is one place that was deserted. The ancient ruins and the history make this place a worthy location to explore and the monuments turn Kuldhara a different place. Deserted about hundreds of years ago, there are no people living here, but one can visit the alluring region during the holiday.

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7. Desert National Park

The desert is a place with harsh climatic conditions and in order to see the beauty of the sandy place one must pick the perfect spot and the Desert National Park is one fascinating location. This is a sanctuary where people can see the unique flora and fauna of the desert region. The magnificent place is easy to explore in a jeep and photographers can have extra fun capturing the wonderful serene beauty.

8. Gadsisar Lake

This is not a natural lake, but the water conservative tank constructed by Maharwal Gadsi Singh. The place is loaded with temples and is a one must visit spot of Jaisalmer. One can enjoy clicking the pictures of the mesmerizing nature andit are easy to reach from the Tilon Ki Gate.

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9. Thar Heritage Museum

Enjoy seeing the interesting artifacts at the Thar Heritage Museum as the exceptional collection is a way to know more regarding the history of the region. The fossils of sea and many other artifacts reveal the culture of Thar Desert and one can witness the mind-blowing collection presented at the museum. This is one simple way to know more regarding the ancient traditions and culture of the region.

Take part in the desert camp as this offers the best time to spend in the desert as one can enjoy staying in the tents. The sand dunes impress the travelers and allow in earning a marvelous holiday vacation. Missing the camel safari or the jeep safari in the Thar Desert makes the holiday incomplete. Picking the package along with the tickets on the palace on the wheels train allows travelers to enjoy the journey with imperial reception. Enjoy a vacation happily as this place reflects the stories of bravery and the fascinating Rajput culture closely spending a holiday in Jaisalmer.

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