How To Reach Jaisalmer

Reaching the oldest city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is very easy and a simple task as the marvelous destination is finely connected to all other cities. This vibrant region of Rajasthan has an airport, well establishes railway lines and a convenient bus service and one can even enjoy the drive in their own vehicles.

By Air

The military airport of Jaisalmer offers direct flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and other important cities in Rajasthan as well as India. People who like to save their traveler time can opt this way and reach Jaisalmer quickly. The other way is to reach Jaisalmer is to fly to the domestic airport in Jodhpur and enjoy drive of approximately 5 to 6 hours and reach Jaisalmer.

By Train

The best means of transport to reach Jaisalmer is the railway as this network covers all major cities very easily. Howrah Jaisalmer Express, Delhi Jaisalmer Express are some of the express trains connecting various cities to the historic land Jaisalmer.

By Road

Travelling by road will be another fascinating experience, but there are direct buses only from the major destinations of Rajasthan as the journey consumes much time from other cities.

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