Shopping in Jaisalmer

The great city host the oldest fort of Rajasthan welcomes people to enjoy shopping various kinds of things. One can buy several goods starting from the street stalls till the government emporiums which are of great quality. Starting from the traditional apparels, turban, and mirror worked skirts along with fascinating dupattas one can get many colorful and vibrant shades of textiles in the market.

The city market is blend of color and craft and one can easily get confused in choosing what and how. There are many things that are worth of buying from the streets of Jaisalmer, which includes the carpets, blankets, wooden goods, oil lamps and many more traditional items. All the pieces are of exceptional finishing and the narrow market roads are filled with carved wooden boxes, hand embroidered joothis, painted pictures, jewelry, and impressive puppets. Particularly the carpets made of camel hair, old stone work jewelry, silk textiles, shawls and other embroidered mojris, garments in vibrant shades are easily available in the stores here.

Shopping at the Sadar Bazaar, Gandhi Darshan, Rajasthali, Pansari Bazaar and other stores will allow every traveler to fill the bags with fascinating handicrafts and many more interesting items at the mystic charming city Jaisalmer.

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