Things To Do in Jaisalmer

An enchanting city like Jaisalmer is not just about sand castles, camels and deserts. We can enjoy the culture of the land, history and enjoy social landmarks. When the term Jaisalmer raises, the first thought that surfaces is camels. Camels are just an iconic emblem of this place but does not even begin to explain the whole attraction that the city is holding for you.

Here are fascinating activities to enjoy in Jaisalmer. Starting from jeep safari to trekking, you can enjoy many activities here. Most of these activities are at prime beauty from October to February. This is the best time to visit Jaisalmer.

1. Dune Dashing

When it comes to desert, the best way to enjoy it is with dune dashing. If you are an adventure lover, you would love dashing in the sand dunes in a four wheel drive. Some dash through the dunes and reach a camp where you will be enjoying different cultural activities, dinner and others in the middle of the desert.

2. Parasailing

Parasailing gets more interesting while in the middle of the desert. Paragliding is basically a parachute tied to a jeep. You can find professional stripes and runways for landing and launching. Choose your service provider with care. Opt for early morning or evening session to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing experience.

3. Paramotoring

You will be riding in a small drone to embrace the panoramic view of the desert. Feel like an eagle as you glide. A pilot will be controlling your flight and thus, safety is confirmed. Your friends can take exciting pictures of you.

4. Royal Desert Camping

Do you want an Arabian styled desert vacation? You can choose desert camping. Many service providers have erected luxury camps with spa and other facilities. You can take up a dune dash ride to the camp. Some service providers also add some exotic features like cultural performances, moonlight sinning, camel safari and others.

5. Camel Safari

This is the iconic activity of Jaisalmer. Ride a camel into the bright desert as you appreciate the landform. The scorching desert, magical sand Narnia and most importantly the exotic camel ride make this experience one-of-a-kind. You can also opt for camel safari through any architectural marvels, markets and others. The price of the camel ride starts from INR 2000. The price of the safari changes based on the location of the safari and season. Top places to enjoy safari are desert safari camp, real desert man camel safari, mystic camel safari, Jaisalmer camel safari and others.

6. Cultural Shows

Rajasthan is closely linked with its history and tradition. This link can be seen in their cultural shows that fire dance, belly dance, puppet show, folk music and others. Many tour service providers include cultural shows in their packages. You can also find these activities in many top tourist attractions too.

7. Sightseeing

Nature is at prime beauty in this city. Desert is just a part of Jaisalmer. Top sightseeing spots in Jaisalmer are Vyas Chhatri, Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer Fort, Patwa Haveli, Jain Temple, Amar Sagar, Badabagh, Kuldhara and others. Some of the attractions have an entry fee and charge for camera. Each attraction has a different aesthetic element that pulls many tourists towards the city.

8. Boating

Yes, the desert city also has water bodies that can accommodate boating facilities. The lakes of this state are famous for its aesthetic value. The true beauty lies in the flawless water structure and the clear background of the desert landform. Gadsisar Lake of Jaisalmer is a mentionable waterbodies of Rajasthan. Apart from temples and ghats that are found around the lake, this lake is also famous for boating. The boating starts at 8 in the morning and ends by 8 in the evening. The sunset boating has a romantic appeal too. The cost of boating varies with season and service provider.

9. Visit to Tanot Mata Temple

This temple has a strong religious history and is an important pilgrim spot. But, the real reason to why the temple is a part of this list is its location. This temple marks the border of India and Pakistan. No tourist is allowed to get past the temple without proper documents. This temple was said to be bombed in 1965 but none of the bombs detonated. These bombs can be seen in the museum of the temple. This temple is located a little away from Jaisalmer city and the place is worth the travel.

10. Shopping

Shopping is a gifted activity of the city. This city’s exotic handicrafts and iconic articles that has a link with the tradition are one-of-a-kind. Top things to shop in Jaisalmer are puppets, handicrafts, showpieces made with yellow sandstones, camel leather articles, wooden articles and others. Top places to shop are Pansari bazaar, Manak chowk, Sadar bazaar, Sonaron Ka Baas and others. A visit to the market is not just about shopping. It is also a good spot for photography.

Named after a renowned king, Jaisalmer is famous for its historic appeal and exotic landform that nature bestowed it with. The place is famous for exhilarating sports, fascinating attractions, adrenaline-pumping safari and others. The place is a classic example for rich experience and exotic activities. The above list has just ten activities to give you a gist of what level of attractions you can expect from Jaisalmer.

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