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What to Eat in Jaisalmer

The magical ambience of the city Jaisalmer with glorious heritage, vibrant shades, historical monuments, brilliant nature, and ancient forts is apt for a person who loves to explore more about Indian history and heritage. The city doesn’t satisfy the hunger of a history lover, but a foodie can gave a great time in the lively city. The typical Rajasthani cuisine along with many special and mouth watering dishes will fill the tummy of every food lover.

The rich cuisine with various foods for both veggie and meat lovers along with a few typical desserts and beverages will actual tickle the taste buds and turn the holiday in to a very taste filled experience. Trying various Rajputana and a few Mughal dishes served with the traditional royal Rajasthani reception will be a very fascinating experience.

Leaving the city without tasting the Panchadhari ladoos, lassi, Kadhi pakoda, pyaz ki kachori, gate ki subzi, lal maas, Safed Maans, kair sangria along with the most delicious dal bati chorma will be an incomplete trip. Starting from the street stalls till the lavish restaurants serves all kinds of food along with the most colorful Rajasthani Thali filled with various tasty and aromatic dishes in a great royal reception. Trio Restaurant, Chokhi Dhani, Rang Mahal Restaurant, Dhanraj Bhatia Sweets are some of the famous places that serve the food made using local ingredients and in traditional methods.

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