What to Eat in Jodhpur

Jodhpur has a mystery in its air when it comes to cuisine. The traditional style stays the same like the rest of Rajasthan but you can find many interesting delicacies that takes the cuisine to the next level. If you have a sweet tooth, you would love this cuisine. Many classic Rajasthani desserts originated from Jodhpur. Many authentic foods are available only with traditional shops. On the other hand, there are international chains of restaurants for those who want to taste their home style occasionally.

Traditional Dishes to Enjoy In Jodhpur

These dishes are best tasted in authentic Jodhpur restaurants with traditional menu.

  • Curry made with chili
  • Raab
  • Atte ka Halwa
  • Lapsi
  • Kadhi Pakoda
  • Badam Halwa
  • Baajre Ka Sogra
  • Kabuli
  • Chandaliya Sabji
  • Kaacharaa Mircha Sabzi (usually found in Jodhpur and Jaisalmer only)

Must Try Jodhpur Dishes

  • Rolling Beans Curry
  • Pachkutaa
  • Kaju Draksh ki Sabji
  • Kadhi
  • Curry Made Out of sweet Gulab Jamun
  • Curry Made Out of Namkeen

Delicacies to Enjoy in Jodhpur

  • Makhan Bada
  • Mawa Kachori
  • Ghevar
  • Mava
  • Malpua
  • Besan Barfi
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Thorr
  • Moti Chur Laddu
  • Rasmalai
  • Rasgulla
  • Besan Chakki
  • Kulfi of varying flavor

Top Restaurants To Dine In Jodhpur

Shandar Sweet House

This restaurant is located near Mahatma Gandhi hospital. It is famous for snacks, light meal and ghee sweets. The dishes are made with pure ghee. The menu might be limited but taste is unlimited here. You ought to try Dahi Wada, Lahsun dal and Gatta curry of this restaurant.


This restaurant is famous for Thali. Thali is a dish in with numerous traditional delicacies will be served unlimited along with roti. Gypsy has thali with 29 dishes. It is very famous for Balushahi. The restaurant is located in Sardarpura.


This hotel is located on the roof of Pal Haveli. This luxury candlelit dining spot is famous for its breathtaking view, long menu of cocktails and variety of dishes. The restaurant is famous for its kebabs.

Janta Sweet House

This is a huge branch running at different locations in Jodhpur. It is famous for sweets, snacks and fresh juice counter. There are fast food items too. Onion Kachori and Mawa Kachori are famous here.

Mehran Terrace

This luxury is located in Mehrangarh fort. It is a romantic dining spot famous among tourists and locals. It is famous for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


This is an open-sky restaurant in Hotel Haveli. This restaurant is famous for the stunning city view, multi cuisine menu and delicious desserts. The hotel is very famous for pancakes.

Baradari Restaurant

This is a very expensive and luxurious restaurant in Jodhpur. The dining area is located near swimming pool. Menu is limited and you can enjoy classic and high quality wines here.


This hotel is located in Tunwarji Ka Jhalara. It is a flattering place for royal diners. You can enjoy a sublime ambience, authentic menu and good service. The restaurant is located at the base of Mehrangarh fort.

Unique Restaurants To Try In Jodhpur

Hanwant Mahal – This royal restaurant is located in Umaid Hills. It is famous for rooftop setting, view of palace and interesting menu. It is very famous for Gulab Jamun.

White House Cafe – This cafe has unique cocktail menu. The exotic drinks are not found elsewhere. It also has a fine dining section with good ambience.

Destinations for Street Foods in Jodhpur

  • Pal Road - Chaat Items
  • Clock Tower Market - Lassi
  • Dal Bati Churma is common in all areas
  • C road Sardarpura - Kachori
  • Mahalaxmi Misthan Bhandar - Pani Patasa
  • C road, Nai Sarak and Shanicharjika Than - Sweets

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