Top Tourist Attractions in Khimsar

The Khimsar Fort itself is the main tourist attraction in this location. The astonishing architecture of the fort mesmerizes the visitors. It is designed as a beautiful and unique structure with eye-catching sets.

The fort is a 450 year old structure with strong walls and parapets that still exist with a great magnificence. A small river which appears as an Oasis is the center of attraction for travelers which is located in the middle of the Khimsar village.

The Nagaur Festival is must to watch which is celebrated every year in this village during January and February. Cattle trade is the main business during the festival. People can enjoy the nature and observe sands, trees, camels and carts that are surrounded in the village.

Nagaur Fort is another place to visit, that was 40 km away from here that was built in the 10th century. Nila Moti Trust is a Handicraft Institute established, for the uplifting rural women is an interesting place to visit.

Wildlife tours are exciting for the visitors for Panchla Black Safari, 16 km away from here. It can be visited by open jeep and can be watched Black Bucks, Blue Bulls, and Chinkaras. Kheenchan is another Safari Park where Demoiselle Cranes are migrated from Southern Europe and North Asia between October and March.

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