Best Time to Visit Khimsar

Khimsar has a significant ethnicity in the state of Rajasthan and must be visited once in life definitely. Because of its environment surrounded by Thar Desert, visitors may not have a cool weather conditions. Some of the times are better for visitors to be adaptable by climatic conditions. Khimsar absolutely allots with finest journeying experience, if a guest is adjustable with everything in the village.

Best Time to visit Khimsar between the months of October to March because Khimsar got with extreme climatic conditions with hot summers and cold winters. So it is not advised to stay and watch the city in severe hot season, in summers. Period between April and September gets with hot breezes that makes very crucial for the people who are sensitive to be adjusted with a dissimilar climate of their own.

Between October and March, the city experiences a very pleasant and cool environment and in this time traveler can wander around. Travelers can enjoy with cotton and lightweight clothes in summer and with light woolens in winter.

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