Top Tourist Attractions in Kota

Whether you are an individual interested in seeing mansions, museums, monuments, forts or any other constructions that reveal the art and architecture will surely have a great time in Kota.

Starting from the ancient temples with fine carvings and appealing architecture Kota hosts various interesting places. Kansua Temple, Jag Mandir, Godavari Dham Temple are a few old religious places in Kota that are to be seen during the vacation.

The City Palace Fort is an extraordinary construction and one of the largest complexes of Rajasthan which stands as a masterpiece made to be a fine blend of both Rajput and Mughal architecture.

Chhattar Bilas Garden, Kishore Sagar, Raniji Ki Baoli, Haveli of Devtaji, Adhar Shila, Budh Singh Bafna haveli, Jawahar Sagar Dam are the other best and one must see destinations of Kota.

Along with these one must also see the natural beauty of the Gaipernath Waterfalls and the Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary as these are worthy sites that are not to be missed during the vacation to the princely state Kota.

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