Best Time to Visit Kota

Exploring the land with a number of wonderful attractive sites that are with a great historic and religious importance must pay a visit to the mesmerizing location Kota. The city is apt in offering a great break from the rush of routine life and people with an interest to spend a holiday seeing the beautiful constructions can visit Kota throughout the year.

The best time to visit Kota generally falls in between October till March during which the city experiences cool breeze and tickling winter season. Travelers can easily explore each and every part of the region as the whole city will turn in to a pleasant place with impressive environment making expedition a marvelous task.

The period between July till September the city receives adequate rainfall and during the monsoon season the whole environment turns to be humid and travelers who are interested to explore the region must be ready to face sweating.

Being a desert region Kota turns to be extremely hot in summers and exploring the land is not a very convenient bearing the hot sun. People may get sun stroke if stepped out avoiding fluids and one must be very particular in wearing cottons and never forget to apply sunscreen lotions to have a better holiday.

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