Things To Do in Kota

The Rajputana territory Kota is filled with attractive sites that are to be seen once in a lifetime. Particularly people who are history and art lovers will find a great time in the city seeing the exceptional constructions.

Along with this, one must and should things to do in Kota is to take part in boating on the sparkling water of the Chambal river. One can enjoy the fresh air during boating and can even enjoy seeing various species of birds.

Apart from sightseeing in Kota travelers can enjoy shopping as the city allows one to bag various interesting Rajasthani traditional goods.

Seeing the valuable collection displayed at the Rao Madho Singh Museum and the Government Museum will be a great experience. Both the places preserve various precious royal items, silver furniture, armory, paintings, sculptures, inscriptions and many more.

Starting from the traditional constructions till the contemporary attractions the whole city Kota offers a great experience to the traveler who likes to enjoy a memorable vacation relaxing in the pleasant ambience. The remarkable city of Rajasthan, Kota turns to be much more attractive and opulent during the time of the festivals and fairs that allows one to drown in the tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

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