What to Eat in Kota

Eating in the bustling city Kota will be a delightful experience for all food lovers as one gets a chance to taste various mouthwatering delicacies. Leaving the city without eating the hot and spicy kachori will be an incomplete tour as these snacks are exclusively prepared in the town. All the local food in the street stalls of Kota are filled with savories that are to be tasted during the vacation. The local food of Kota includes all tempting Rajasthani dishes along with a few traces of special Rajput delicacies.

Foodies must not miss tasting the most opulent and extremely delicious Rajasthani thali filled with traditional vegetables, Dal Baati Churma, Kadi, served along with hot Parathas and desserts. There are a number of places around the historic city Kota that offer Rajasthani dishes along with all other cuisines. Amar Dhaba, Hariyali Garden Restaurant, Eatos, Royal Firdous Restaurant are a few marvelous places where one can taste food served in a great ambience with a pleasing approach. The finger licking food is available all around Kota and one can taste the spicy food till the sweet snacks in the stalls on the market roads of the sprawling city.

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