Mandawa Tour

Small and a beautiful town of Shekhawati region, Mandawa attracts the attention of every enthusiast traveler throughout the country with the amazing havelis, spectacular forts and a few more attractions around the region. The beauty of the haveli and charm of all other constructions still remains constant making Mandawa a very unique town of Rajasthan.

Mandawa known as the Shekhawati silk route is home of many wealthy merchants and the region that holds a great hosts a great history more than 200 years. During the 18th century the region became home of the Rajputs who belong to Shekhawati clan and since then the region got transformed in to a well planned Rajasthani town.

The Rajput rulers built a massive Mandawa fort, which attracted a number of wealthy business merchants who started living there and made their thikanas depending on their social status. The fort constructed in the region is well known for its art and architecture along with the intricate designs and marvelous carvings. All the houses or the havelis built by the merchants around the city are known for their magnificence and beauty even after hundreds of years making the whole Mandawa region unique destination of Rajasthan.

The exceptional beauty of the havelis will be a great feast for an art lover as the walls are adorned with paintings that have an Indian as well as British influence. The fascinating paintings reflecting the skill of artisans will even reveal the mythological stories, hunting scenes that stand as an excellent wall decoration for all the havelis and make them very special.

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