Things To Do in Mandawa

Seeing the best places and wonderful attractions around the city will not complete a trip to Mandawa but pone must not miss taking part in a few entertaining things to do in Mandawa during the holiday. There are various outdoor activities in which every enthusiast traveler must take part during their visit to Mandawa. Apart from exploring the architectural marvels and the appealing constructions in Mandawa travelers need to take part in a few activities that offer a great fun and merriment.

Camel rides near Saraf Haveli, Binsindhar Newatia Haveli are worth of taking part as one can enjoy the excitement filled outdoor activity in the most beautiful city Mandawa.

Shopping is one interesting segment as every individual can buy various decorative items, savories and fabrics that stand as an excellent symbol of Rajasthani art and culture.

Continue the great expedition by taking part in the excursions of nearby locations, including Nawalgarh and all other places which will be a great fun filled task.

Stepping in the glorious destination during the time of annual festivals and fairs will be a great experience as the whole region appears to be more opulent. Being part of Camel Festival, Gangaur Festival that takes place annually in the historic region Mandawa will be a marvelous experience.

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