What to Eat in Mandawa

Eating in Mandawa is the most convenient task as the whole region offers various types of food items that will satisfy the appetite of a snack lover along with one with a sweet tooth. The taste of the savories will tickle the taste buds of every foodie and there are numerous restaurants and street stalls that offer appealing delicacies.

Tasting the local treats will be a great job here as the roads are filled with numerous stalls serving kachori and other desserts that are much more popular. Along with these snack dishes one must also taste the most delicious and opulent Rajasthani thali filled with special dishes. Leaving the region without tasting the Rabdi, Ghevar, Moong ki halwa and particularly Dal Baati Choorma will be an incomplete trip along with all other north Indian delicacies.

Shekhawati Restaurant, Garden Restaurant, Castle Mandawa Restaurant, Bungli Restaurant, Rasila are a few excellent places that offer both Rajasthani along with various cuisines that are extremely tasty. Travelers will turn to be food lovers after completing their vacation in the bustling city Mandawa as the whole region serves many opulent and delicious dishes that offer a delightful experience.

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