Shopping in Mount Abu

Shopping in the Mount Abu region which is referred as the summer capital of the Rajputana rulers is a marvelous experience as every traveler can bag various goods that are very special. Travelers who love to shop various kinds of goods such as Rajasthani crafts, paintings, and leather goods can gain a lot during the trip. Apart from the common Rajasthani good one can get a few Gujarati art works and many other accessories and apparels.

There are several emporiums and shopping stores in the region that offer many articles that are worthy of being a part of the collection of every art lover. The antiques and the carvings on marble, sandalwood and sandstone are very famous in this entire region. Along with these one can get the textiles, light weight quilts, leather goods, accessories and many more in the market streets of Mount Abu.

Rajasthani, Government handicrafts emporium, Khadi Bazaar, Bansilal Bhurmal, Nakki Lake Market are some of the places that offer several goods that delight every individual who love to fill their house with unique and impressive collection.

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