Things To Do in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the hill station located in the scorching hot desert state of Rajasthan. Naturally, it is one of the top places to enjoy a chilling summer retreat vacation. Mount Abu is a quiet region famous for lush vegetation, a few religious spots and architectural marvels. Apart from sightseeing, there are numerous tourist attractions and activities, which can be enjoyed in this small hill station. Are you planning to visit Mount Abu in near future? Here are the top activities to do in Mount Abu that you ought to enjoy.

1. Trekking

The Aravalli Ranges that form the hill station is famous for its collection of mountain belts of ancient times. Trekking is a renowned activity of this region. This is also one of the best activities of the place. You can find trekking routes of varying difficulty and all the routes end up with a beautiful and breathtaking view. The best time to visit for trekking is winter (October to March). Most of the routes are short enough to be scaled in a day. You can also find routes that run longer and are harder to scale.

2. Camping

This region’s camping is very delightful. You can enjoy serene camping experience near lakes, green fields, between mountain boulders and so on. People usually trek to a viewpoint, pitch their camp, enjoy a night out there in the wild and trek back in the morning. It is best to choose camping during summer season than rainy or winter season.

3. Rock climbing

Given the geographical features of the place, it is not a surprise to see rock climbing in this list. You can find sites for rock climbing with varying difficulty level. There are also service providers who arranges both natural and artificial settings for rock climbing. Rock climbing is best enjoyed during summer and winter season.

4. Wildlife Safari

The Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary holds most of the camping spots and trekking routes of this region. Apart from those activities, you can trek through the wildlife region to spot animals like wolf, wild board, Indian hare, jackal, sambhar, Indian fox and much more. Apart from these, there are more than 200 species of birds. The wildlife reserve is open throughout the year from 9:30 am until 5:30 pm. It would not take more than two hours to scale the place on your vehicle.

5. Exploration

Are you a part-time Indiana Jones, at heart? You would love exploring the ancient fort of Achalgarh. This fort is located, a little away from the hill station. This 15th century fort was built for getting a panoramic view of the regions around the fort, for safety during ancient times. Today, the fort and the temple is rich with statues, architectural marvels and numerous paths within for exploration. The Mandakini Lake is also located within the fort. Photography is strictly not allowed inside the fort.

6. Boating

Boating is allowed on Nakki Lake. You can enjoy the lush greenery along the coast, as you sail along with the slow winds. You can spot many Ghats on the lake, including Gandhi Ghat, where ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were pelted. Apart from boating, you can also enjoy zorbing on the water. The best time to visit for boating is from November to April. You can also enjoy horseback ride along the banks of Nakki Lake during tourism season. Choose Shikara boat rather than pedal boat. You can find pedal boats in all destinations. Shikara boat is the iconic attraction of Mount Abu.

7. Bathing In Waterfall

To enjoy the raw beauty of the hill station, take a dip in its waterfalls. You can easily find a natural waterfall in the lush deciduous forest. However, you ought to trek through the forest to reach the place. Try to start the trekking, as early as possible to reach the waterfalls by afternoon and return before the nightfall.

8. Birdwatching

Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary is an important spot for birdwatching. Apart from it, visit Travors Tank, located a little away from Mount Abu for delightful birdwatching. You can scale the place on a vehicle or take trekking tour through this region to spot many local and migration birds. Do not enter the waters of this region as you can find many crocodiles.

9. Caving

With the mountainous geography, caves are very common in Mount Abu. You can enjoy caving into caves, which are closer to waterfalls for an adventurous time. The best is the ones near Dilwara Temple. There are service providers who combine caving along with rappelling and rock climbing for a complete package.

10. Spot the Sunset

This is a cliché activity of any hill station. Sunset Point is located close to Nakki Lake. You can catch the perfect sunset view from this people. People either trek to the top or enjoy horseback ride to the sunset spot.

11. Pilgrimage Site

Apart from natural sightseeing and activities, there are quite a few ancient temples, which are rich with architectural beauty, marvelous sculptures and rituals. If you love architectural beauty, you ought to take a visit to these pilgrimage sites.

Apart from these, you can enjoy nightlife, shopping, hiking and many others. Mount Abu might be geographically small, but the essence of tourist value of this region is marvelous and outstanding.

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